Across our country, opportunity is not always equally distributed among today's talented youth. Accessive is fighting to remedy this by giving every student a fair chance to attend college and achieve their dreams. For many low-income, first-generation high school students, educating them on the opportunities available to them through high quality mentorship and guidance is all it takes to set them on a path to success.

Unequal Resources

Students, especially those who are disadvantaged socially or economically, can easily become overwhelmed by the college admissions process. A lack of resources and guidance can ultimately lead to these students missing out on many opportunities for quality education and funding.

Low Socioeconomic Mobility

Education is key for socioeconomic mobility. 46% of students who grew up in low-income families and failed to earn a college degree stayed in the lowest income quartile, compared to 16% of those who earned a college degree.

Limiting Beliefs

Studies show that low-income students are half as likely than their high-income peers to apply to at least one selective college. Students from households in the lowest income quartile make up just 3% of enrollment at the nation’s most competitive colleges and universities.

Accessive works with highly-qualified college and career consulting groups to provide access to professional and educational resources that would otherwise not be easily accessible to deserving students of lower income. The cornerstones of our program include:


Connecting with students in an engaging and relatable way is the crucial element in assuring them that their needs are met and understood. That is why we take the time to help our students bond with their mentors, all of whom are qualified college students with similar socioeconomic backgrounds to their mentees.


We believe education is power, and that access to proper resources is essential to continued growth. Accessive aspires to generate an increased interest in continued education in an effort to inspire greater ambitions. After all, only through education will future generations have the knowledge to build upon and improve the world around them.



We motivate and empower socially disadvantaged groups to step confidently in the direction of their dreams, despite established social constructs. Accessive empowers students to understand that through hard work, the right support group, and fundamental belief in one's own ability to achieve, their goals can be right within reach.


Community Support

Accessive aims to create a community of students, educators, mentors, professionals, and volunteers that encourage and support our vision of empowerment through access. Regular communication between mentors and their mentees creates a close rapport between them that ensures effective communication of each other's goals and aspirations, bringing them closer to reaching success.