Mentors are selected from an engaged network of elite college students that help guide our scholars towards success. This includes students at the following top schools:

Boston College

Brown University

College of William & Mary

Harvard University

Mount Holyoke College

Princeton University

Tufts University


University of California–Los Angeles

University of Chicago

University of Pennsylvania

Vanderbilt University

Washington & Lee University

Wesleyan University

Yale University


Board of Directors

The Accessive Board consists of the few exceptional individuals that conceived of Accessive and keep it operational to this day. Thanks to their efforts in educational research and funding, we can continue to make strides in connecting people of all backgrounds to higher education.


MEriah O'neil


Wyatt Technology


ally zucker


McKinsey & Co. 

peter hage


Fidelity Investments

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Janmaris Perez

Executive Director

Accessive, Inc